Install ROS on Ubuntu (on an external drive on your MacBook)

This post picks up from: how to install Ubuntu on an external USB drive so that you can run it from your MacBook.

  1. Follow these instructions to install ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu.
  2. Follow these instructions to set up a catkin_workspace
  3. The catkin instructions above do not mention to do this, but for most simple purposes, I suggest editing your .bashrc file:
    • The .bashrc file is a shell script that is run every time you open a new terminal window. Use a text editor (like gedit, nano, vim) to edit the ~/.bashrc file (gedit ~/.bashrc).
    • Add this line to the bottom (replace USERNAME): source /home/USERNAME/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
    • Reload your .bashrc by opening a new terminal window, or typing “. ~/.bashrc”